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David Nour

Welcome to the Avnir Forum

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About Me

I'm a leadership advisor, educator, and coach. Over the past 20 years, I've published 11 books, most notably Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and Curve Benders (my Star Wars Trilogy). I'm passionate about strategic relationships as an enabler of one's growth, real and lasting innovation to remain relevant, and visual stories well told. 

Why You Should Join Us

I've long believed that people fundamentally gather for two reasons: Content + Community. What can I learn and who else can I meet? That's why I've created this Avnir Forum. I am here everyday and will share exclusive content, resources, and events.

A Big Thanks

I'm grateful for each and every member of the Avnir Forum. Without you, my work isn't as impactful, insights as complete, and life isn't as fulfilling. I think we're all born to be meaning makers and this is my small way of (hopefully) making a difference in the lives of others.